188 Teeth in ‘Your Impossible Voice’

Jacinto Shaves in ‘The Chattahoochee Review’

HELENE (feature screenplay)

In development with Victoria Films

Falling in love with Queen Victoria’s dashing grandson Eddy opens new worlds for the cosseted Princess Hélène of France, but the possibility of their marriage unleashes a political and emotional storm which forces her to choose between her free spirited heart or her duty. Inspired by true events.

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THE SALT OF THE EARTH (feature screenplay)

In development with support of:

When dutiful Zacharias agrees to help his manipulative brother save the family farm, he puts his career, his marriage and his family on the line. This is a story about sibling love and rivalry set in the backdrop of the vanishing world of small farming.

UNSERE HEIMAT (50-min. serial period drama • Proposal/Bible/Pilot/Teaser)

  • Finalist at NYU Fusion Film Festival

Berlin 1989. Set in a small East German village, a divided family is forced to reunite, confront its past and perhaps build a joint future.

AURORA FARMS (20 min. comedy • Bible/Pilot)

  • Quarter Finalist at NexTV writing competition

On the brink of bankruptcy, an artistic commune must decide whether to compromise its ideology.

For more information and additional material, please email: contact@freearchitectfilm.com

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